Sublue Navbow Underwater Scooter


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  • Product Description

      Dimensions: 327 x 486 x 177mm (12.87 x 19.13 x 6.96 in)

      Weight: 3.4kg (7.49 lb)

      Speed: Free: 1m/s(2.24mph), Sport: 1.5m/s(3.36mph), Turbo: 2m/s(4.47mph)*

      Working Depth: 40m / 130ft (depth limit)

      Battery life: 60 minutes* 

      Battery weight: 1.1kg(2.42lb)

      Noise: ≤ 60 dB

      Interface: two 1/4'' - 20 mounts

      Accessories (included): Balance weight bracket with lead weight (3), D-ring buckle, Tow cord, Tow rope, Anti-lost strap

      Optional accessories: Rapid 2-hour charger, Quick-release camera holder, Photographic base plate, Scuba diving weight harness, Waterproof backpack

      Ages: 16+

  • Product Details

Why Sublue Navbow Stand Out?

Hey, professional diver!😘 Wouldn’t it be great if you had an underwater scooter that supported one-handed operation? Meet Navbow, an extremely powerful, yet agile underwater scooter, blow all of our competitors out of the water with its user-friendly design, powerful motor, and an array of attachments. Extreme speed while providing maximum flexibility in the water.⛴ 🐳

Explore Infinity

Navbow, the most powerful underwater scooter, is coming! 3 speeds up to 2m/s, 40m depth, max 60 mins battery life, and extendable to underwater photography platform. It's also the world's first dual-motor underwater scooter that supports one-handed operation, giving you the maximum flexibility in the water.

One-handed Usage Option

The world's first dual-motor underwater scooter supports one-handed operation, giving you the maximum flexibility in the water. Navbow's one-handed operation provides the opportunity for professionals to dive deeper with a D-ring buckle and a tow rope to connect the body to the Navbow.

Capture amazing sights without boundaries

Navbow is able to mount a base plate where you can customize your professional equipment, such as action cameras, lights, float arm, etc. The underwater photography platform allows for mounts and accessories so that underwater photographic equipment is no longer a burden, freeing you to record more memories.

A comfortable ergonomic design

Designed with a stable and comfortable grip for underwater maneuverability to help explore infinity.

2m/s (4.47 mph) max speed

Top speed 2m/s (4.47 mph): Move as fast as the Men's 200m World Freestyle Champion.

3 Gears Speed Switch

Switch gears by pushing the button to experience the thrill of '' riding'' easily and quickly in the sea.
Free model: 1m/s (2.24 mph)
Sport model: 1.5m/s (3.36 mph)
Turbo model: 2m/s (4.47 mph)

In the box

1*Underwater Scooter
1*Charger Stand
1*Adapter & Wire
1*Lithium Battery
1*Tow Rope
1*Balance Weight Bracket with lead weight(3) 
1*D-ring Buckle
1* Anti-lost strap
3* User manual

OLED Display

The OLED screen displays the speed gear, battery life and hand operation mode.

Low Battery Alert

Navbow will vibrate when the battery declines to 30%.
Navbow's battery life lasts for 60 minutes in regular use.