Meet The BlueNexus, 
The Future Of Pool Cleaners

Launching August 2023.
Autonomous mapping
Intelligent path planning
Super suction
5 cleaning modes
Suitable for all types of swimming pools
Safe lithium battery
Large capacity filter chamber
Smart APP
OTA remote upgrade

BlueNexus is your cordless wall-climbing smart pool cleaner that employs advanced path planning technology to clean the entire pool from edge to edge, including the walls, floor, waterline, and everything in between. 

No Tangled Cords, No Restricted Movements

We want to make pool cleaning easier and safer, especially for families with kids or older people. That’s why we designed BlueNexus cordless. Experience the ultimate freedom of movement with this cord-free pool cleaning device. No cords won’t limit its movement, no entanglement, and no wire damage. 

Geoguru, Pool Mapping and Underwater Navigation System

BlueNexus features Geoguru, our proprietary 3D pool map planning and navigation system, which ensures precise positioning.

BlueNexus will scan your pool and plan a path accordingly, giving you a faster, more powerful, deep clean without missing an inch. Equipped with over 12 sensors with 7 types, BlueNexus can avoid any obstacles, and won’t scuff up your pool walls. No more scratches or damage to your pool!

Powerful Suction, No Leftovers

BlueNexus boasts a 100W high-performance suction motor with strong suction power and an absorption rate of up to 17m³/hour. Its powerful suction capability ensures a thorough cleaning by effectively collecting debris and dirt.

It is specially designed with a dynamic rolling brush design with a granular filtration system—all the dirt, debris, and fine particles will be captured by BlueNexus and prevented from flowing back to the pool.

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