• Whiteshark Tini

    Single motor, yet undeniably powerful

  • Whiteshark MixPro

    The Ultimate Underwater Scooter

  • Sublue Seabow

    Explore Infinity

  • Whiteshark Mix

    Glide Beyond

  • Swii Electronic Kickboard

    Ride the Fun, a Gift for Kids


Sea Extraordinary

Recent News

  • Sublue in NAB Show Live in Las Vegas

    Posted on April 22 2019

    Sublue goes to NAB 2019 to demonstrate a new way to capture underwater content. 2019 was our first year to exhibit with NAB and it was such a great experience....

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  • Sublue- Swim Like a Champion!

    Posted on December 31 2018

    When it comes to adventure, we are typically open minded to try anything related to travel. Snorkeling, Free Diving and Scuba Diving are a few activities we have grown to become...

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  • Filming with an UNDERWATER SCOOTER!

    Posted on December 28 2018

    by Alicia Mae Hirté | Sep 5, 2018 I recently had the opportunity to test out an awesome Underwater Scooter! It’s the White Shark MIX by a company called Sublue. It features powerful...

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