Basics of Night Diving

Basics of Night Diving

We all know the appeal that night diving brings to the table. You’ll be able to see the always evasive nocturnal sea animals that many see as mythical creatures, You’ll be able to experience the wonderful things that happen in the open waters at night, and best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy these experiences while the seas are more “quiet”.

However, night diving poses some unique dangers to it that makes it inherently different from diving during the day. It has a lot of characteristics that make it more dangerous than exploring while the sun is up. Here are some of the basics that you’ll have to remember if you want to experience “night life” in the open waters. 

Prepare the proper equipment for it.

You’ll essentially need all the same things you’ll need for diving in the day; but it would show proper preparedness by bringing an extra flashlight or two along the way. It also wouldn’t hurt to install an LED attachment to your Sublue underwater scooter. This will help you enhance visibility in the already dark environment of the sea. 

The timing has to be right.

Night diving implies that you’ll have to dive at night, but the perfect timing to start is twilight. This will allow you to adjust easily to the darkness, and help you gauge how long you’ve been enjoying the company of the underwater sea creatures. 

Familiarize yourself with diving signals.

It will be very dangerous for you to dive underwater without any experience. It’s recommended that you only go for it once you’ve been properly oriented about the language used underwater. Diving signs will help you understand when it’s time to go, when something might be going wrong, or when everything’s going smoothly. Communication is very important in unknown terrain.

Respect marine life.

It will do you good to heed this information. Most animals underwater have been noted to be toxic, dangerous, and even life-threatening. However, what people forget to note is that they’re only dangerous if you threaten them. Most animals are reactionary, meaning that they won’t really mind you unless they feel like you’re going to harm you or steal their prey. The worst scenario would be them thinking that you’re their prey, but that only happens with creatures way bigger than you. 

Have fun!

The last, but definitely not the least important reminder will always be to have fun with your experiences. It can be easy to get lost in worrying and preparing for the trip, so it’s important that you always keep in mind the reason why you’re going to do it in the first place – to have some fun. 

The best way to have more fun is to bring your Sublue underwater scooter with you. It will allow you to dive to greater lengths and focus more on admiring the underwater life. Especially the bioluminescent creatures that go alive at night. You can also be a lot safer with it in hand, as the Navbow+ features an OLED screen that tells you important metrics.

There are also a lot of other attachments that will allow you to enjoy night diving even more, like an underwater phone case that enables you to take pictures; or buoys that make sure you’ll be able to float up when you need to. Overall, Sublue scooters will definitely help make your adventure a lot more fun. 

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