by Alicia Mae Hirté | Sep 5, 2018

I recently had the opportunity to test out an awesome Underwater Scooter!

It’s the White Shark MIX by a company called Sublue. It features powerful double propellers that glide you through the water at a speed of 2.7 mph. The battery lasts up to 30 minutes on full power, and can easily be removed, recharged and replaced. The body is small enough to travel with, making it an awesome tool for travel filmmaking!

The best part about the White Shark MIX is the front end GoPro mount. When you attach your GoPro, it allows you to get smooth, gliding, underwater footage. This is HUGE because if you’ve ever tried to swim underwater while filming with your GoPro, you’ll know that you will either have to swim with one hand and film with the other, or not gain much motion for your shots.

I’d like to thank Sublue for sponsoring this video and giving me the opportunity to test out this fun piece of gear!

In this video, I unbox the White Shark MIX and first test it out in my backyard pool. From there, my husband and I take it down to Johnson Beach in Perdido Key, Florida to take it for a spin in the Gulf of Mexico. We offer a few tips on how to gain top speed with the scooter, and overall we find that it’s quite easy to use and far more relaxing than complicated!

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WATCH THE VIDEO ▶︎ Filming with an UNDERWATER SCOOTER! The Whiteshark MIX by Sublue

While the White Shark MIX is a big larger than most pieces of gear you might travel with, I think it would be completely worth it to bring along on a trip that is primarily focused on swimming and diving. Think- ISLANDS.

These trips are great because you’re likely only going to pack a few bikinis, coverups, and GoPros. You can fit the White Shark MIX into a camera bag and carry it onto a plane, because it is fully FAA compliant.

The White Shark MIX is a valuable tool for underwater travel vlogging! 

While there wasn’t much to see or film via the GoPro in this video. I think it would be amazing to take the scooter to some live coral reefs, shipwreck dives, or premium snorkeling areas. It not only helps you expend less energy while swimming and filming, it also acts as a smooth underwater glide cam to capture footage with less camera shake.

I would have loved to have this piece of gear while I was travel vlogging in the Philippines!

While it may seem a bit bulky for travel, you can actually remove this top part, ‘the floater’ to make the machine smaller and lighter. The floater is great to have attached for initial use, or with kids who aren’t as strong of swimmers. But if you intend to film underwater and have decent swimming skills, there is no need to even bring it along.

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