10 Questions About Sublue WhiteShark Tini Answered!

10 Questions About Sublue WhiteShark Tini Answered!

Hey, diving lovers! Sublue's newest underwater scooter- WhiteShark Tini was formally launched in December 2020. Since then, we have received raving feedback from our users along with a few questions about the WhiteShark Tini. So in this blog today, we will be answering WhiteShark Tini’s top 10 most asked questions!

Q1: Can Tini be disassembled and assembled?

Answer: Yes, thanks to Tini's modular design, it can be disassembled and assembled easily. It's the perfect travel companion! Easy storage, while taking up minimal space, WhiteShark Tini fits perfectly in your luggage! The best part is that it can be carried directly on the flight, the standard 98wh lithium battery is pre-approved for air travel.

*WhiteShark Tini Single boost Mode(Tile map)

*Detachable and easily fits into a backpack

Q2: Can WhiteShark Tini really achieve wireless control underwater?

Answer: Yes it can! WhiteShark Tini uses low-frequency and long-wave communication technology, with stable signal, strong anti-interference, and longer transmission distance to achieve wireless control underwater. Through the network connection, one smart handle can control up to 4 scooters at the same time.

Q3: Is the floater kit in the standard package or optional?

Answer: It is optional. The beauty of the WhiteShark Tini is that you can mix and match to customize your underwater scooter to fit your own needs. The floater kit includes a floater and a waterproof mobile phone case, to protect your phone against water damage.

*Please note: Waterproof phone case needs to be purchased separately

Q4: Where do we mount the mobile phone and sports camera?

Answer: Tini reserves a convenient interface to mount your photography equipment for the perfect angle to shoot your underwater films.

Q5: How to assemble Tini's Dual boost mode?

Answer: The operation is simple and convenient, no other tools are needed in the assembly process.

  • Install the handles on both sides 
  • Push the handle bracket into the fuselage from the track 
  • Tighten the quick-release screws to secure it. 

Q6: How does Tini transform into an inflatable kickboard?

Answer: Install WhiteShark Tini onto the bottom of the inflatable kickboard. The inflatable kickboard features a built in wireless controller that is easy to use, just press and go. 

Q7: What's the dimension of the inflatable kickboard? Can adults use it?

Answer: The dimensions are L1000 x W800 mm. The inflatable kickboard can be used by adults and can bear a weight of up to 120 kg.

Q8:Can Tini's battery be interchanged with Swii and Navbow? What is the charging time?

Answer: Yes, Tini's battery can be used in the Swii and the Navbow. The 98wh is included, while the 158wh is sold separately.

*Please note that if you are not using the rapid 2-hour charger, the charging time is roughly around 4 hours.

Q9: How convenient is the rapid 2-hour charger?

Answer: Sublue's rapid 2-hour charger combines the charger and the adapter into one, making it more compact and simple. Instead of taking 4 hours to recharge, you can fully charge your WhiteShark Tini in just 2 hours. Spend less time charging and more time exploring underwater.

*Sublue's rapid charger is an optional accessory

*Lithium battery connected to the rapid charger

*Sublue's rapid charger kit

Q10: What is the biggest difference between Tini and the other scooters?

The biggest difference between Tini and the other scooters, is that Tini is a modular underwater scooter. It can easily be disassembled without using any tools and its modular design allows you to customize it to fit your needs. You can use it by itself, or attach another Tini to double the power and double the fun. On top of that, Tini has an array of attachments, such as the inflatable floating board, camera mount, and more! Tini is seriously the perfect underwater scooter for all ages and all levels. 

*For more information on the WhiteShark Tini, please refer to our website.

Tini has passed more than 60 rigorous tests such as high-density salt corrosion, salt spray, silt, underwater pressure, etc., with reliable performance. Tini also features multiple protection systems such as low battery warning, locked rotor, over-temperature, and overcurrent protection. 

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