Can I Travel on an Airplane with an Underwater Scooter?

Can I Travel on an Airplane with an Underwater Scooter?

Admit it, we all want to travel and enjoy our time at the ocean in full gear. But, there always comes a time when we have to think of how we can fully enjoy our ocean trip? And that’s when airline restrictions come in.

Traveling by land, it's easy to pack everything you need for that big ocean exploration. But how about traveling by air? Here’s what you need to know if it is possible to bring your underwater scooter with you and proper packing.

IATA Guidelines

According to IATA (International Air Transport Association) guidelines, battery capacity is determined by multiplying Volts (V) by Ampere-hours (Ah) to get Watt-hours (Wh), which has been adopted as the measure for air transport. The upper limits for lithium-ion batteries for the so-called Consumer Electronics such as cell phones and laptop computers are 100Wh, while 160Wh for tools and appliances.  Sublue underwater scooter batteries are at 98Wh and 158Wh and it is tested per UN38.3 by SGS, thereby it is allowed to be carried in aircrafts. 

Lithium-ion batteries

All of Sublue’s underwater scooter batteries are already in Lithium-ion types. Here are some few key benefits of Lithium-ion Battery:

  • One-third (or less) the weight of lead acid batteries.
  • Charges faster than lead acid batteries.
  • Much cleaner technology and safer for the environment.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Has a longer life span. They cycle 5000 times or more compared to just 400-500 cycles in lead acid. Cycle life is greatly affected by higher levels of discharge in lead acid, versus only slightly affected in lithium-ion batteries.
  • Maintains its voltage throughout the entire discharge cycle. This allows for greater and longer-lasting efficiency of electrical components. Lead acid voltage drops consistently throughout the discharge cycle.

Be sure to remove the battery from the product before transporting or carrying by air, and store the battery separately according to relevant regulations.


Generally, we recommend visiting the website of your airline to get information for travelers with special needs. Tell your airline that you will be traveling with your sea scooter. Each individual carrier may have more restrictive policies.

Always carry a copy of the instruction manual and/or catalog with you to explain the purpose and use of the battery and the Sublue Underwater Scooter, in case asked at the terminal and airline staff and/or customs.


To keep your underwater scooter protected even while traveling, it’s highly recommended to secure it and pack it with soft items rather than with rigid or sharp objects. There are available cases or bags out in the market that can provide full protection for your underwater scooter from getting damaged.

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