DIVING 101: The Life-Changing Benefits of Free Diving

DIVING 101: The Life-Changing Benefits of Free Diving

Learn why freediving is considered one of the healthiest forms of exercise.


People have been freediving for almost thousands of years, and there have been various reasons. For travelers, it is a way to try something new and fun. For some, they want to expand their snorkeling skills. Even athletes dive because it improves their physical wellness. 

But one thing is for sure—freediving has a lot of health benefits. We’ve listed how freediving will improve your overall health in this article. 

  • It will help you calm your mind. 

  • Freediving requires a lot of mental training. You have to concentrate on the small details such as depth, distance, or temperature. It also helps you focus on slowing down your heart rate and holding in your breath, which results in lower levels of stress and anxiety. 

  • It enhances blood oxygen management. 

  • The more you free dive, the more your body will master the use of oxygen. When you go underwater for a long time, your body usually uses the “mammalian dive reflex.” It causes the spleen to release extra red blood cells into the body. 

  • It improves your joint health. 

  • Freediving has a positive effect on joint health. According to experts, spending time in underwater can relieve pressure on the joints. The weightlessness of being submerged in the water reduces the inflammation. This is due to hydrostatic pressure being exerted over your whole body from the weight of being underwater. 

  • It enhances your flexibility. 

  • Freediving requires deep breathing, which improves the flexibility in your thoracic region. The more flexible that region is, the more you will be able to hold your breath. This is why when you enroll in a freediving course, they focus on increasing the flexibility in the back and neck. 

  • It improves your body composition. 

  • There is no doubt that freediving is one of the best ways to get you into shape. It is known to boost the strength of the body, help develop muscles and increase endurance and vitality. 

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