Five Ways To Prepare For Your Freediving Course

Five Ways To Prepare For Your Freediving Course

Keep reading to know the best tips to be prepared for your first freediving course.


Congratulations, you have finally decided to start your freediving journey, and you have already enrolled in your first freediving course. And just like any other course, we know you want to make sure you are as well-prepared as possible. 

We’ve listed amazing tips to prepare for your freediving course in advance in this article. 

  • Study The Materials Before Your Training.

  • If you have received your freediving training manual beforehand, read them properly before the course. Whether you have an online or in-person theory class, it is important to study the materials ahead of time so that your instructor can have more time to teach other topics or expand the discussion on certain topics. 

  • Practice Relaxation Breathing 

  • Freediving breathing exercises teach us to hold our breath for a longer time. Your training manual should have a lot of activities to practice relaxation techniques. Find the one that works best for you to apply it to the in-person training session. 

  • Pack The Important Items For Your Class. 

  • Make your freediving course more convenient for you by bringing the diving essentials such as sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, and water bottle. It is not required to bring your freediving gear, but if you have your equipment, such as freediving fins or masks, make sure to bring them. Using your gear is always more convenient and will always enhance your performance.

  • Watch Your Diet A Day Before The Course.

  • It is recommended to avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol and eating heavy meals a night before diving. Remember, freediving is an activity that requires a good physique. Your diet before your freediving course can affect your ability to hold your breath, equalize, and how you can recover from a freediving session.

  • Get A Good Night's Sleep. 

  • It is always essential to have enough sleep before your training. Why, you ask? Because you are participating in an activity that needs a good concentration. Yes, you can function with just a little sleep, but it will definitely affect your diving performance.

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