At Sublue, superior customer service is our promise to you. See below for all frequently asked questions regarding repairs and returns.

Who is Sublue?

Sublue Is a company that specializes in underwater robotics. Founded in 2013, Sublue is pioneering in underwater robot core technologies such as heavy current balance control, high efficient motor system, fluid engineering design. Based on these core technologies Sublue has developed a line of consumer products focused on having fun in the water.

What is a DPV or Underwater Scooter?

A DPV (diver propulsion vehicle) is also commonly referred to as an underwater scooter. It is a battery powered device with one or more motors and propellers to pull divers along in the water. There is a wide range of scooters on the market with price points ranging from several hundred to many thousands of dollars targeted to both professional divers and recreational activites.

What makes the Whiteshark Mix Different from other Underwater Scooters?

The Whiteshark Mix is the smallest purpose built DPV in the world. Dual propellers with integrated motors make it fast, nimble, and fun. The Lithium Ion Battery is FAA compliant as a carry on and when combined with the small size of the Whiteshark Mix, it is the perfect travel companion for divers, snorkeling, and those that love the water.

Where can I buy Sublue products?

Sublue Products are available from a wide range of online and in store retailers as well as directly at www.shopsublue.com. If your favorite retailer does not carry Sublue, ask them to!

What Certifications does Sublue hold for its products?

Sublue follows strict quality guidelines for all products and we meet or exceed all local protocols for testing and certifications including FCC, UL, CE and RoHS.

How can I contact Sublue service team?

You can follow us on facebook “sublue” for any of your service inquiry.
US customers can call Sublue toll free number: (855) 206 8698.
You can also send email:  for further inquiry.support.us@sublue.com

Does my device come with a warranty?

Yes! Sublue products come with a 1-year warranty on devices and 6 months on motion system(motor, electric speed controller, propeller and bearing) and batteries unless otherwise stated.

What is your return policy?

You can return or exchange your device within 30 days of the original transaction with proof of purchase. All returns over $300 will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Can I return my purchase at an authorized retailer?

No. At this time all purchased made through the shopsublue.com website must be returned via mail to.

Can I purchase an extended warranty?

You can buy it. Please consult customer service for details.

 Customer Service Email:support.us@sublue.com