How To Become a Great Diving Buddy

How To Become a Great Diving Buddy

Hey, diving lovers! Are you a great diving buddy?  As we all know diving is a teamwork sport! Throughout a dive, it’s important to remain aware of where your buddy is and how they’re doing. So in today's blog, we are going to give you instructions on how to become a reliable and conscientious diving partner. Yes, it does need a bit of practice, but please keep in mind that we are striving for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.


Be careful, Be Practical,  Be strong

Before a dive, buddies should work together to determine the pace of the dive, considering depth, time, activity and adaptability. Then they should make a plan based on the slower or less experienced diver. 

Throughout the dive, communication is paramount. Underwater, the pair must communicate clearly, effectively and, of course, wordlessly. Beyond understanding hand signals, an ideal buddy pair might even be able to understand facial expressions, gestures and feelings through eye contact. The roles of leader and follower may be swapped periodically throughout the dive, so consider how that might play out. 

Stay alert throughout the dive: In addition to monitoring your equipment and surroundings, keep an eye on your buddy. Stay close to ensure their safety, but far enough away so you’re not bumping into each other. Make eye contact periodically and even try listening to their bubbles. If you find yourself speeding away, slow down to match their pace.


Into Dive

Remember that you are a buddy “team” and diving is not a competition. Be encouraging towards your buddy but never force them into a dive they don’t want to make. If you or your buddy are unsure about anything, ask your dive master together for advice and guidance. The more you dive the better you get. By diving into a range of conditions and environments, you will learn more diving knowledge to protect you and your buddy’s safety.


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